Coping With Graduate School Stress

Just when you think all the hardship is over as soon as you went through sample graduate school essays, passed your admissions essays and your interview – it’s actually not. Sample graduate school essays, admission essays and interviews are just a start. Beyond what you said in your admissions essay, what all the rest said in the sample graduate school essays, the real coping starts once you begin your graduate schooling.

With graduate school, you are exposed to great levels of stress. You have tons of required reading each day. You are constantly required to come out with papers and proposals. There seems to be no time to rest. When these moments come, you need to be able to manage your stress.

Here are some tips:

  1. Do not wait: While the temptation to procrastinate is always there, don’t. Manage your time properly. Do not let things slide, only for you to worry about them later.
  2. Know your priorities: With so many requirements, you need to plan out your strategy. Schedule those with the closest deadlines first.
  3. Exercise: Exercise is probably the best stress reliever. While you expend stress by running or sweating it out in the weights room, you also increase your energy. This gives you an extra drive to complete the work that’s waiting for you.
  4. Sleep regularly: While all-nighters may be inevitable for some cases, do not make a habit of it. Keep these nights to a minimum. Keep regular study and sleep hours. Your mind will function better if you get enough sleep daily.
  5. Eat right: University life invites some of the unhealthiest habits – mainly because of strict schedules and stress levels. Try to eat right, even so. Do not skip meals. Start your day with a good breakfast meal, not last night’s leftover pizza.
  6. Know NO: Do not overfill your calendar. Make time for only the important things. Don’t burn yourself out.