Graduate admission essay strategy: childhood interests

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Admission essay excerpt

I’ve always been fascinated with numbers even as a young boy. At 8 years old, I remember making my own “bank notes” and making a stash of play money in my self-made bank safe. I could say that I was among the lucky few who knew what they’ve always wanted to be when they grow up. So when it was time for me to go to college, I didn’t have any second thoughts taking up a double major in Accounting and Business Administration. Though I’ve always loved numbers, I worked just as hard as any college student in campus to become a Dean’s Lister. But much of what I’ve learned also came from practical experience, as I volunteered as an administrative assistant and accounting assistant and got a part-time job as gymnasium supervisor. I also worked as part-time tax consultant and was hired as a full-time corporate customer care executive. By taking different positions, I became more flexible and well-rounded. Aside from finance and accounting, I also learned much about advertising and marketing. I know that there’s so much more for me to explore, that’s why I’m applying for _______graduate program, so I can take whatever I’ve gained through practical experience and my academic achievements to new heights.

Sample outline:

I. Introduction

A. How much I love numbers
i. making my own bank notes as a child
ii. knowing what I’ve always wanted even as a young boy
iii. taking up a double major in Accounting and Business Administration

B. Practical experience
i. took volunteer work as an administrative assistant and accounting assistant
ii. worked as part-time tax consultant
iii. hired as a corporate customer care executive
iv. becoming a more flexible
v. developed skills include advertising and marketing aside from accounting and finance

C. Applying for ______ program
i. learning more about business
ii. gaining more experience and training

II. Achievements and experience

A. graduating with honors
i. a Dean’s Lister
ii. taking an ordinary level exam at 16 and the advanced level by 19
B. leadership potential
i. member of accounting society
ii. co-founder of business and economics club
iii. vice president/treasurer of honors society
iv. International Orientation Leader at ___________
C. Experience in travel study class abroad
i. representing _____ for a lecture at ________
ii. visiting different companies in Japan
iii. exposure to different culture

III. Work experience

A. volunteer work
B. part-time tax consultant at ______
C. working as an executive for customer care at _______

IV. Skills

A. marketing
B. advertising
C. finance and accounting

V. Goals

A. further my career through the graduate program
B. hone my skills and learn more about the field
C. gain more credibility
D. be more well-rounded