Graduate School Info

University of Virginia Graduate School (U.Va.)

The University of Virginia Graduate School is an educational institution where students are gifted with a view of the nearby Chesapeake Bay and Blueridge Mountains. The environment surely makes it easier for students to study and learn with much interest. U.Va. opened its doors to the first 25 students in March 1825 and has since been producing promising graduates from various programs. Offered in U.Va. are undergraduate courses as well as graduate programs including those under the arts and sciences, engineering, education, law and medicine. To learn more about offered programs, the school and the admissions, visit U.Va.’s official website.

Northeastern University Graduate Studies

The Northeastern University Graduate Studies prides of having a curriculum that enables students to receive education from renowned professors. Aside from instruction, students are able to gain exposure to the society and real-life scenarios while being required to interact with surrounding communities. While pursuing their undergraduate degrees in health sciences, engineering, the arts and professorial studies, students can use the university’s research facilities. Also, those who wish to pursue higher learning can apply to the university and take up courses under health sciences, criminal justice, engineering, business administration, etc. Read more about Northeastern University Graduate Studies and admission procedures in the official website.

Duke University Graduate School

The Duke University Graduate School is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United States and often finds a place in graduate school rankings. Duke University offers a curriculum that combines instruction from leading professionals and educators with hands-on training. The said curriculum is applied mostly on undergraduate and medical programs, although, students can apply to Duke University and take up graduate programs in education, the sciences, the arts, allied health services and engineering. Find out more about the university and its courses by visiting the official website.

North Carolina Central University (NCCU)

The North Carolina Central University is one of the historically black academic institutions in the United States. The university was founded in 1910 for black students, although, it how accommodates more than 9,000 students from various cultural backgrounds. What makes NCCU one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country is the fact that NCCU’s curriculum combines both classroom instruction and hands-on training. Social and cultural exposure and knowledge are promoted in NCCU through undergraduate social interaction programs. Students who wish to pursue further studies can apply to NCCU and take up counseling, biology or other offered courses. Check out the NCCU official website to learn more on programs and application details.

Cornell University

Cornell University was built upon a government land grant and has been producing graduates with specializations in various areas of learning since 1865. Within five years of its founding, Cornell University became one of the first institutions to open its doors to intelligent and brilliant women. Today, even students from differing cultural backgrounds attend classes in Cornell University. What makes it one of the exceptional schools in the country is its partnerships with various universities in the world, including those in China, Qatar and the Philippines. Interested applicants can apply for any undergraduate, graduate or doctorate program through Cornell’s official website.

Portland State University (PSU)

Students who wish to learn further and improve in their professions can stay at Oregon where the prestigious Portland State University is located. It is a public urban academic institution founded during the 1940s and is known for a curriculum that enables students to receive expert classroom instruction and facilitated hands-on training. Through the activities hosted by PSU, students are exposed to the society around them and learn to interact and develop social skills. Among the areas of learning students can specialize in in PSU are urban public affairs, the arts and sciences, and business administration. Visit the official website of PSU to submit an online application form.

Roger Williams University (RWU)

If you are looking for a graduate school that is in an inspiring and idyllic location, Roger Williams University is the institution to look. It is in Bristol, Rhode Island and is close to the most happening places in New York, Boston and Providence. Upon enrollment to RWU, you can choose to take up full or part-time course loads. You can also select any of the graduate degrees offered in RWU including Construction Management, Architecture, and Criminal Justice with a joint degree in Teaching, Law, Forensic Psychology, and Public Administration. Visit the school’s official website to learn more on the admission process and course offerings.

Seattle University

If you prefer to pursue a master’s degree at a Jesuit graduate school, enrol at Seattle University. Teaching students and fostering research make up the Jesuit foundation of instruction that is promoted at the university. Currently, 31 graduate degree programs are offered in the seven schools of Seattle U and many of such programs are in the School of Theology and Ministry and the College of Education. Apply to Seattle U for a full-time or part-time program by accomplishing an online application form at the school’s official website.

University of San Diego (USD)

If a Catholic university is to your liking, the University of San Diego is one of your choices. It is located in California, close to Mission Bay, and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Truly, USD is an institution where you can enjoy studying. Offered in USD are graduate degrees under the five schools of education as well as under the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business Administration, the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Services, the School of Leadership and Education Sciences, and the recent Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies. On top of the graduate degrees, a post-graduate law degree is offered in USD. Find out more about the school by visiting its official website.

Adams State College of Colorado

One of the top-ranking graduate schools found within an area suitable for studying is the Adams State College of Colorado. Students have a perfect view of the Rockies that enables them to enjoy learning more. Those interested to enroll at Adams States can take up graduate studies in the areas of Graduate Teacher Education, Art, Counselor Education, History, Government and Philosophy, and Human Performance and Physical Education. Full-time schedules are available, but, working students can also take part-time courses. Classes can be scheduled at night, on weekends, during summer, or even online. Visit the Adams State official website to learn more about the school and its offered programs.

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU)

An old historically black university that made its way into the graduate school rankings in the United States is the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. It opened its doors to black students in 1875 as a land grand from the Alabama State, but, today, accommodates tudents from any culture. Anyone who wants to apply to AAMU can specialize in two major trades apart from any of several graduate degree programs. Such programs can be pursued under fields of interests that include business administration and management, urban and regional planning, social work, agriculture, and computer science. Visit the official site of AAMU to know more about the admission procedure.

Adelphi University

Adelphi University was established prior to the Second World War years as an offshoot of a Brooklyn private prep school. What gained Adelphi recognition and prestige is the fact it offered excellent instruction and training in nursing. Proof of the effectiveness of Adelphi’s nursing program is the many Adelphi-educated nurses who took care of wounded soldiers in the battlefront. Located in Long Island, Adelphi offers various graduate programs today. Among the said programs are business management and arts and sciences. To apply to Adelphi, visit its official website and complete an online applicatoin form.