Graduate Schooling as an Investment

Graduate study is one of the major investments you can decide on in your life. For one, just to apply for a slot in the university alone takes a lot out of a person. You draft your essays, get sample graduate school essays, and acquire required documentations. After which, if you are lucky to get through, armed with sample graduate school essays and your admission essay, you are invited for an interview. You go through this nerve-wracking stage alone, without help from guides like sample graduate school essays. After the time and effort, you’ve invested, you await the good news of passing the selection process. And then you may wonder, “Why did I get into this in the first place?”

Like the time you spent applying to graduate school, actual graduate schooling is also an investment. Here are some of the common returns you can get when you go to graduate school:

  1. Professional advancement: An advanced degree can make you more qualified for jobs. You are likely to get more offers as soon as you earn your degree because of your improved expertise and better qualifications. You may even get promoted from your job upon earning your extra academic credentials.
  2. Earning opportunities: Companies and organizations naturally pay more for better expertise and knowledge. At the same time, earning a graduate school degree can qualify you for a higher position within the company, allowing you to earn more.
  3. Specialization: With graduate school degrees, you become more specialized. You get to learn more about aspects of your career that you are really interested in and can become an expert in it.
  4. Networking: Graduate school is also a good place to expand your network of colleagues and like-minded individuals. This can help you in the future after graduate school work.