Learning How to Write an Effective Graduate School Admission Essay

Getting a graduate school degree is one thing; getting into graduate school is another. Graduate school application requires that you submit certain documents to show that you are qualified to get into graduate school. Some of these requirements are transcripts, recommendation letters from employers or former professors, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and other standardized exam results, and a graduate school admission essay.

The graduate school admission essay is one of the most important requirements for graduate school application. As it can be evaluated subjectively, it is important that this essay is written carefully and systematically.

Sample graduate school essays are intended to serve as guides for people who are writing graduate school admission essays. Sample school admission essays can be used as guides or patterns in writing your own application essay.

There are lots of articles on the Internet that offer tips and guidelines on how to write effective essays, but sample graduate school essays showcase how these tips are applied. You may also find badly written sample graduate school essays to show you how not to write your essay. But if you will read the sample graduate school essays that sites would consider as among the best-written pieces, you will find out what the bottom line in writing a good graduate admission essay is. The bottom line is that you should emphasize and describe how your experiences and background make the program that you are applying for the best one for you.

Those that are among the best-written sample graduate school essays describe the following information in detail:

  • what your long-term professional goals are
  • how a degree from the program that you are applying for can help you in attaining those goals
  • what you regard as your greatest achievement
  • how you have contributed to the community that you are involved in
  • how you intend to contribute more to the community
  • why the graduate school should accept you into the program

You will find that not all sample graduate school essays focus on all of those information. Some of them only focus on a particular topic, then go into specific details that support the claims based on the chosen topic. You may do the same thing when you write your own application essay. Also, you must focus on the personal aspects that make you a strong candidate for a graduate school program.

Well-written sample graduate school essays will show you that you don’t have to describe your professional or educational achievements in your application essay. Admissions committees would want to see YOU in your essay: your dreams, the challenges you went through, how you overcame those challenges, your goals, and the things you value. When it comes to your essay, admissions committees would be after the information about you that other documents can’t provide.