Graduate School Admission Interview

Your sample graduate school essays can help you with your application essay. The sample graduate school essays may get you the coveted admissions interview. However, once you are in that position, you are left to your wits to impress your interviewer. In this situation – regardless of your test scores, transcript records, or any amount of sample graduate school essays – you are on your own. You need to come prepared and put your best foot forward. Here are some tips.

Before you interview:

  1. Read up on how to best conduct yourself in formal interviews for a slot in graduate school. There are several online sources for this. Likewise, know the many expectations for your degree course. You need to make it know that you are capable to handle these expectations.
  2. Know who’s who in the department that you are applying to get into. It is impressive to the interviewer if you seem to really know what you are getting into.
  3. Reread your graduate admissions essay. What you present to your interviewer should reflect what you wrote in your essay.
  4. Practice with friends. Have your friends interview you and practice your communication skills with them. Ask for their feedback and work on any flaws they’ve observed.

During the interview:

  1. Look your best. Unless you’re an accomplished artist or the like, no one can get away with looking sloppy. A mess distracts. Neatness and hygiene is impressive.
  2. Even when you’re tempted to take a swig at that bottle of tequila in your room for that extra confidence, don’t. This is a formal interview; where in your slot in graduate school is at stake. Don’t risk it by coming to the interview stinking of alcohol. At the same time, do not smoke prior to the interview. While some people use nicotine to calm the nerves, the smell of it stays on you and can turn off your interviewer.
  3. Always maintain eye contact. At the same time, display a good degree of confidence. Do not go over-the-top with the confidence though. Also, have some humility. You are applying to graduate school to learn.

After the interview:

  1. Immediately send a follow-up thank you note or email. Also promptly ask for a status on your application.