Masters in Information Technology Application Essay Example

It is quite evident that the increasing juncture between the shifting demands of the business world, and the rapid development in technology has become a growing reality. The gravity of work involved in increasing the information needed because of the ever-growing integration of the two fields has raised to a large magnitude that the work in Information Technology has expanded. I remember a time when it was just the simple task of getting familiar with the mother board and to locate and solve certain problems for us “techies”. I have become aware that this is no longer the case and I wouldn’t want to be left behind. A big and important step I would have to take is to continue my education and no other curriculum would serve my purpose better than then one found at _______ University.

My ambitions and interests have long been influence by my family. I grew up in a wealthy household with parents that are socially active. We would constantly travel all over Europe and Asia for the purpose of helping out a number of charitable organizations. This raised my awareness on multiple cultures, religions, paradigms, and international events. The lifestyle of constantly traveling and meeting with an array of people from different cultures, along with my family’s unwritten code of education and perseverance being the pathway to success, have shaped my aspirations to what they are today.

Because the businesses of my family required us to constantly move from one country to another, I have grown quite aware of how everything works on a global scale. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey but we would eventually move to Warsaw when I was at the age of 8. We would spend two years there then move again to Berlin, Geneva, then Paris, and finally Barcelona. Because of my family’s view on education, I was sent to the most prestigious private schools in each of these places, and was encouraged to learn their languages as well. Soon enough, I would finish secondary school with flying colors and eventually enter college in the United States.

My life was never restricted to academic endeavors, but I have had a passion for the arts as well. For over 8 years I have trained and performed as an opera singer all over Europe. During my stay in the US, I have joined a number of theater groups and managed to integrate myself with a plethora of musicians and other artists. Unlike most immigrants, I refused to isolate myself with people of the same ethnicity and culture as I would consciously make the effort of assimilating myself with various types of people. A means of doing this was through my musical interests.

Even with a degree under my belt, a clear element that separates me with others is my wide experience of the world. I have the advantage of being quite the polyglot, and consider myself a renaissance man of sorts. Ultimately, this would prove to be a key factor, along with my continued education, in my success in the business world.