The Most Competitive Graduate School Programs

There are universities and colleges known to be the most competitive. Their acceptance rates rank among the lowest. You will need to be the best of the best to qualify. For these schools, you need to work extra hard on your admissions essays. Use sample graduate school essays to guide you. These sample graduate school essays can show you the ideal flow of ideas. At the same time, these sample graduate school essays can give you a glimpse of what the schools are looking for in their students. Add to this, you must have all documentations and requirements ready. When you get invited to interview, be at your best. Research about the school and the degree you are applying for. Do your best to impress your interviewers.

To give your ideas which of these schools are the most stringent in its acceptance rates, here’s a short list:


Columbia University’s Teacher’s College is said to have the most competitive program. Their admissions rate in 2008 is a low 48%. They offer educators the opportunity to improve their craft and be able to lend their love for learning to their students.

Engineering and the natural sciences

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has the daunting acceptance rate of only 14% for degree courses in science and engineering. It even requires its students to have SAT math scores that are above 700.

Social science

Stanford has the most difficult acceptance phase for Psychology, with only an 11% acceptance rate. When it comes to the political science program, Harvard ranks top as the most competitive school to get into.


For the different field in Humanities, the top ranking schools include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford. Yale excels in its history program; while Harvard has the most competitive English Studies program.


The University of Pennsylvania has the most competitive health studies program. It only has a 21% acceptance rate in the recent school year.