Tips from Excellent Graduate School Essays

The process of applying to graduate school is very competitive. In order to ensure your success during the admissions process, you have to submit the requirements on time. One of these requirements is your personal statement. You can find helpful ideas regarding this on Essays Websites. Read on and get useful ideas for graduate school essays that could help you when you write your personal statement.

Read sample graduate school essays

You have to read a lot of sample graduate school essays. These samples can guide you. They can help you get ideas regarding the things to include and exclude in your personal statement.
Discussing your skills, abilities, and motivation is one great way to differentiate your essay from thousands of other personal statements. It can help you make your essay more memorable among the readers.

Additional tips

The Stanford MBA Program has additional tips that could help you.
Feel free to ask your friends or family members to provide constructive feedback. When you ask for feedback, ask if the essays’ tone sounds like your voice.
It is important that you tell your own story through your own voice in your essay. And also keep in mind the following:

  • You best serve your own interests when your personal thoughts, individual voice, and unique style remain intact at the end of your editing process.
  • Your individual voice is very important when writing your essay. After all, how will the admissions panel know the real you if you don’t use your own voice?
  • In order to write an excellent personal statement for graduate school, you have to start early so you will still have time to research for info and proofread your work, read sample essays, and edit your work several times.

You have to edit your essay several times.

When writing your graduate admission essay, one of the most important steps is the revision. Even if you have great ideas, interesting topics, and exciting themes, all of that would go to waste if the essay you submit is full of spelling and syntax errors. Read on for some great tips on drafting, revising, and editing your graduate school admission essay.

First draft? Look for grammatical flaws and content issues

After you have written your first draft, the first step is to read through your essay for basic editing. On your first read, you will be looking for spelling and grammar errors, as well as any content issues. While spelling and grammar errors may be easy to catch, content issues may need a little more attention to detail. Make sure that all of the content in your essay are accurate or true. Make sure there is no false information in your essay, because admissions committees can easily double-check this information and they could probably smell a liar or an exaggerator from a mile away. Make your revisions and continue to the next step.

Revised draft? Read your essays aloud to make sure it’s catchy and persuasive

Now that you have your revised draft, your next task is to read through your essay and find out how you can make it more interesting, catchy, and persuasive. This will entail more thought on your part, because you will really have to analyze your essay and see what improvements you can make. A good tip is to actually read your essay aloud, to hear how it sounds and what it reads like. You will be better able to catch certain parts in your essay that are dull or need some reworking. Again, make your revisions and it will be time for your final editing.

Final editing: Have another pair of eyes look at your essay

The best thing to do once you are content with your essay is to have someone else read it. When you keep reading your essay, you may easily overlook errors or you may be personally biased. To avoid this, have a friend, relative, or colleague read the essay and ask for their opinions, insights, and reactions to your essay. Ask if they have any suggestions on how to improve your essay. Take these thoughts into consideration and make your final copy for submission with your application package.