Using a Personal Statement for Graduate School Checklist

In order to craft a well-written graduate school personal statement, you must use a checklist or guide to direct you on how you should go about writing your essay. This checklist will surely help you come up with an effective personal statement that would spell A-D-M-I-S-S-I-O-N for you.

Purpose of a grammar or content checklist when writing and evaluating your essay

Develop your basic skills when you practice writing essays. According to expert writers, this is a good step to improving your writing skills and getting the desired results. Write down ideas and create an outline out of these. Make an initial draft that you will have to revise several times. Before you edit for grammar flaws and spelling errors, check first the value of the content. Are the topics well presented? Are they relevant to your application? Remember to weed out irrelevant information and focus on the most essential ideas and themes.

What should be included in your checklist

Writing your personal statement may be a difficult task when applying for graduate school. If you have no means of knowing what exactly the admissions officers are looking for, it might do you good to prepare a checklist you can consult. First and foremost, there should be honesty, an authentic voice, and a sense of being straightforward for easier reading and understanding by your readers. Also seek to establish a connection with the admissions panel. Make sure that the final draft is error-free.

Other tips when using a checklist to evaluate your essay

When revising your essay, make sure that you always check it against the criteria and guidelines set by your target school. That way, you will have a clearer picture of what revisions you need to make in your essay, should there be any. It will help you come up with a personal statement that would be a sure knock-out.